An introduction to the issue of rape trauma syndrome

I believe bullying is the main, but least recognised, cause of stress in the workplace today. This adverse reaction can seriously affect the mental health of employees, for example through anxiety or depression, and also have a significant effect on their physical health.

An introduction to the issue of rape trauma syndrome

Other regional factors may be at play and constitute a topic for further research. Some of the states with the highest percentage of lawsuits per capita, such as Washington, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, are among those that passed statutes of limitations that specifically allow for delayed filing of sexual abuse claims.

Washington and California, two states that were among the first to change their statute of limitations, are now among the states with the largest number of filings.

Other states that also experienced a rapid increase in the number of filings after changing their statutes of limitations include: Minnesota enacted MSA Significant numbers of repressed memory lawsuits have also been filed in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New York, states that do not have statutes specifically extending the time for filing claims based on childhood abuse but that do allow a claimant to allege "delayed discovery" of assault and battery or a similar cause of action.

The statutes that extended the time for filing childhood sexual abuse lawsuits that were enacted between andwhich the Texas Supreme Court has called "first generation" statutes, generally allow claimants to file within years after they discover that they have a cause of action.

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All but five of those statutes also contain a requirement that the plaintiff has acted with diligence or due care. Some states enacted statutes, known as statutes of repose, that extended the time for filing for only a limited, period of time after the minor reached majority.

In applying all of these statutes, courts have generally held that the statute of limitations begins to run when the plaintiff recovers her first memory. Statutes, and amendments to existing statutes, enacted after and the "second generation" statutes are more complex and give greater weight to avoiding the danger of possibly fraudulent claims.

The attorney must state that he or she has reviewed the facts of the case with at least one licensed mental health practitioner who is not a party to the litigation and has concluded that there is reasonable and meritorious cause to file the action.

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The New Mexico statute NMS 5effective Julystates that the claim must be corroborated by competent medical or psychological testimony.

The Oklahoma statute 12 Okla. According to the Texas Supreme Court, "The second generation of statutes shows that legislatures do not uniformly see simple adoption of the discovery rule in such cases as viable.

An introduction to the issue of rape trauma syndrome

Legislatures have begun to strike a more complex balance between the risk of cutting off meritorious claims and the dangers of fraudulent claims. The "Disability" Exception In many states, a statute of limitations may be tolled if the claimant was unable to file earlier because of a disability or because the individual was of unsound mind.

Appellate courts in 30 states have considered whether these conditions constitute the kind of legal disability that is contemplated by these statutes. Most have held that repression, per se, does not qualify as a statutory disability.

Early in the history of repressed memory litigation, the outcomes were very different. Less than one-fourth were settled out of court.

In some cases, the complainant subsequently retracted the allegations. Some cases were dropped after a motion was filed to restrict the admissibility of repressed memory testimony, but before the court ruled on the motion. Many cases that were filed years ago are still open.

In a significant number of these cases, defense attorneys have told the FMSF, the plaintiffs have taken no action to pursue their claims in recent years. As is true of the civil repressed memory lawsuits, most criminal charges based on "recovered memories" were filed during and Overall, trends in outcomes of criminal cases are similar to those seen in the civil cases.

The majority of criminal repressed memory cases on record were resolved during Prior tothe majority of cases went to trial; very few cases were dismissed.

This tendency changed abruptly in mid, after which some of such criminal charges were either withdrawn by the state or dismissed by the court, either on the merits or because the charges were filed after the statute of limitations had expired. From Data available Jul, for an additional 40 cases, either the status is still pending, or the outcome or date of resolution is unknown.

Ingram is still incarceerated and his efforts to reverse his plea have been turned down.Military Sexual Trauma: A Breach of Trust. In this clip, Frank Ochberg discusses female veterans returning with PTSD.

Female vets may have had abusive relationships before going to war and a fair number have suffered abuse and rape while in service to their country. A significant proportion of victims of rape or other sexual violence incidents is vetconnexx.comlly, rape is still thought to be a crime against women specifically (and has been historically defined this way), although many cases of male-victim rape have become subject of public discussion.

Rape of males is still taboo, and has a negative connotation among heterosexual and homosexual men.

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An introduction to the issue of rape trauma syndrome

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The research about male-victim rape only appeared less than 30 years ago, focusing mostly on male children. The studies of sexual assault in correctional facilities focusing specifically on the consequences of this kind of rape were available in the early s, but .

Contents of table adapted from Catanese, Vicarious Trauma [PDF], and Working with Trauma Survivors.. In addition to the above, working in this field can also raise questions connected to our sense of self and our capacity, ability or suitability for this work- what Christina Maslach calls “reduced personal accomplishment”.

Recommended Books listed in association with False Memory Syndrome, the Myth of Memory Repression, and the Role of Therapists in Creating False Memories Smiling Through Tears by Pamela Freyd and Eleanor Goldstein.

Just when I thought I couldn't stand to read one more book on bad therapy and False Memory Syndrome, Pamela Freyd and Eleanor Goldstein have produced a simply .

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