Compare and contrast pennsylvania and auburn system

The two most influential systems of contemporary prison system and format development are the Pennsylvania System and the Auburn System. These two types can effectively reform prisoners, so other countries began to accept these new systems from the United States. Pennsylvania Style Also known as the Pennsylvania System, stringent separation system Currently in Taiwan, the only prisons of this type are Chiayi Prison and Ilan Prison, with three rows of rooms; but the Ilan Prison only has one remaining row, which accentuates the completeness of preservation of the Chiayi Prison structure.

Compare and contrast pennsylvania and auburn system

Eastern State Penitentiary Cells As far back as the memory can go, crime has been an inseparable part of our society. Unfortunately, with crime comes the problem of enforcing penalties against those convicted.

The need for an efficient prison system arose.

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This need was satisfied primarily in the nineteenth century. While there have been various types of correctional institutions, most have been based on the Auburn system of discipline. My objective is to inform the reader about the developments in the area of prison reform. In so far as taking a position, I do so foe the explicit purpose of assisting the reader with comparing the strengths and weaknesses between the two most predominant systems of prison discipline.

However, before analyzing Auburn and the controversy surrounding its existence, we must first look back to the birth of the prison establishment.

Some historians have noted that, in the year of our independence, "an early act of the newly-formed State of Pennsylvania provided, in its constitution, that the Legislature: Crimes once bringing death and torture as penalty, now brought prison sentences.

It is, thus, within these surroundings that the Pennsylvania system arose. Inthe Walnut Street Jail, located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the first correctional institution in America, was built.

Not long after, the Quakers in an attempt to, and in concern for, changing the bad treatment of convicted criminals, succeeded in "convincing the Pennsylvania legislature to declare a wing of the Walnut Street Jail as a penitentiary The system of prison discipline which ultimately developed at the Walnut Street Jail became known as he "Pennsylvania system.

With these purposes in mind, prison administrators sought to devise a system by which all this could be achieved.

However, as it would turn out, this system was not successful. Inanother prison was completed. It became known as the Western Penitentiary.

Compare and contrast pennsylvania and auburn system

Its primary function and design was for cell treatment and no labor whatsoever. This penitentiary consisted of cells measuring seven by nine feet and arranged in a semicircular one-story block.

Although the prison intended to isolate the inmates it failed in serving that purpose because the "prisoners found ways of communicating with one another through the walls and pipes. The development of the Eastern Penitentiary in Philadelphia became known as the "separate system.

Although they spent most of their time in their cells, they were allowed out one hour a day for the sole purpose of exercise. For the most part, they read the bible and received moral training. Contact between prisoners at all times was strictly prevented.

Shortly after this penitentiary was opened changes in the law occurred. Specifically, the legislature "provided for solitary labor in the cells in the two prisons. Inmates were required to work at such activities as carpentry, weaving, tailoring, and shoemaking.

The complete separation of prisoners at all times did not coincide, nor was it conducive to, maximizing efficiency of labor.The New York State prison at Auburn opened in This system was quite different from the one used at the Eastern Penitentiary. This prison was designed . The Pennsylvania system spread until it predominated in European prisons.

Critics in the United States argued that it was too costly and had deleterious effects on the minds of the prisoners. The Pennsylvania system was superseded in the United States by the Auburn system.

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Apr 07,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: i need help with my criminal justice hw! PLEASE HELP:)? 1. Define and compare the differences between the Pennsylvania system and the Auburn Resolved. The Auburn & Pennsylvania System Of Corrections: A Controversy.


Compare and contrast pennsylvania and auburn system

Another way that we may better understand the controversy between advocates of the Pennsylvania separate system and the Auburn congregate system is by evaluating how environmental factors may shape the formation of character.

Namely, the details of penal institutions . Apr 07,  · 1. Define and compare the differences between the Pennsylvania system and the Auburn system.

2. List and explain the differences in responsibilities of jails and Resolved. Week 1 Assignment: In a page paper, using APA style formatting, compare and contrast the Pennsylvania system and the Auburn system.

What correctional system most closely explains our modern day prisons?

The Forgotten Corner – Old Chiayi Prison