Examine how shakespeare presents the treatment

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Examine how shakespeare presents the treatment

If that is the case please contact me and I will pass your comments to John. John and I hope you enjoy this work and that it makes the link the title suggests] Introduction Several Shakespearian biographers have speculated that of all the avenues left open to us to progress our understanding of the Poet himself, discovering more of those he knew or was associated with during his life may prove the most fruitful and, of course, much has been done in this regard already, upon which I have drawn heavily.

The relationship of this man, Edward Bagley, to Lady Bernard has, surprisingly given the attention that has been lavished on much minutia concerning anything remotely touching on Shakespearian biography, been largely ignored.

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Bagley died, is uncertain, no will of his having been discovered in the Prerog. Papers of Richard Savage. FILE [no title] - ref. No date In most recent works, however, it is unusual to even find a passing reference to this man, almost as if he has been airbrushed out of existence.

So who was he? However, before we examine that, it is necessary to provide some background to his origins and establish who he was not. Many students of the Black Country will be aware of the history of the Lords Dudley and of these that of the last of the male Sutton dynasty is perhaps one of the better known.

Whether or not this perception of him as a wastrel is fair or not is a matter of opinion, as a case may be made for him as an entrepreneurial industrial pioneer ahead of his time. Indeed, the unrelenting demands Sutton placed upon his finances necessitated him selling, mortgaging or otherwise raising funds to satisfy his business adventures.

Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley, married Theodosia Harrington 3 in June 4 and she bore him some five children 5but he also maintained a mistress in Elizabeth Tomlinson and some eleven known children 6 were born of their liaison, including Dud Dudley.

However, before examining this in more detail, it is worth introducing at this point the fact that Edward Bagley junior had an elder sister, Ann, whose own story is relevant in that her antecedents and descendants have been the topic of much research and interest, mainly in America, but this has singularly not identified the Shakespearian link to the Bagleys that will be demonstrated later.

Examine how shakespeare presents the treatment

Benet Fink, London on 12 June Edward Sutton was 14 years old when he married Theodosia Harrington. Anne - Born c. Theodosia - Born c. Buried 24 May Ferdinando - Baptised 4 SeptemberSt.

Buried 21 NovemberSt. Margaret - Born c. Thomas, Dudley, and Elizabeth for whom no baptism has been found. The parish registers for Dudley and Sedgley show nine children whose father is John Bagley baptised between and viz.:Our drug store presents high quality pills.

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Examine how Shakespeare presents the treatment of women in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Examine how shakespeare presents the treatment

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