Izmit earthquake 1999

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Izmit earthquake 1999

Turkey hit by huge earthquake The most powerful earthquake to hit Turkey has left at least 1, people dead. The earthquake measuring six-point-seven on the Richter scale struck the industrialised town of Izmit in western Turkey at just after on Tuesday local time.

Izmit earthquake 1999

Many residents of the heavily populated town were asleep in bed and had no chance of escape. Few of Izmit's buildings were built to withstand earthquakes and whole districts collapsed. Buildings were also destroyed in Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, about 50 miles 80 km north west of Izmit.

Parts of the motorway between Ankara and Istanbul buckled, causing cars to crash into each other. May God help our country and its people Bulent Ecevit, Turkish Prime Minister Within two hours of the initial earthquake there were 10 powerful aftershocks causing more damage and loss of life.

Rescue teams have found some people alive underneath the rubble but hopes are fading of finding many more. Desperate relatives have also been digging with basic tools or their bare hands. Local hospitals have been unable to cope with the flood of injured people.

Turkey's prime minister, Bulent Ecevit, has visited the devastated area and said the earthquake was the worst he had experienced. Mr Ecevit said "The loss is huge. May God help our country and its people.The Izmit earthquake with a magnitude of which lasted for 45 seconds killed over 17, in northwestern Turkey on 17 August The epicenter of the earthquake was Izmit, located 65 miles from Istanbul and on the North Anatolian fault line.

On this day in , an earthquake in northwestern Turkey kills more than. İzmit earthquake of İzmit earthquake of , devastating earthquake that struck near the city of İzmit in northwestern Turkey on August 17, Thousands of people were killed, and large parts of a number of mid-sized towns and cities were destroyed.

The earthquake, which occurred on the northernmost strand of the. The İzmit earthquake (also known as the Kocaeli, Gölcük, or Marmara earthquake) occurred on 17 August at local time in northwestern Turkey. The shock had a moment magnitude of and a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent).

Apr 19,  · my geography homework on the izmit eq of The Izmit earthquake with a magnitude of which lasted for 45 seconds killed over 17, in northwestern Turkey on 17 August

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