Mann gulch

Responding to the fire, the Forest Service dispatched fifteen smokejumpers from Missoula to the remote area. The smokejumpers were part of a relatively new Forest Service program, with the first operational jumps having been made nine years earlier in

Mann gulch

Dec This Day in History is a brief summary of a powerful learning opportunity and is not intended to second guess or be judgmental of decisions and actions. Put yourself in the following situation as if you do not know what the outcome will be.

What are the Mann gulch What are you thinking? What are YOU doing? August 4th, — Lightning started many fires on the Helena National Forest including one near the top of a ridge between Meriwether and Mann Gulches. By the time the jump plane flew over at 3pm the fire was 60 acres.

The crew jumped and are scattered by a nearby thunder cell. The crew gathers at the bottom of the gulch up-canyon of the fire.

Mann gulch

Jumper Foreman goes to scout the fire and meets up with a fire guard working alone near the head of the fire. Observing increased fire activity, the decision is made to start from the toe. While hiking to the toe, the foreman noted that there was fire below them in the gulch and that it had crossed to the other side of the canyon blocking their ability to escape to the river.

They reversed direction and headed up toward the NW ridge. The fire is feet behind them crowning in timber and doghair thickets. He gives the order for his crew to come into the black with him.

The foreman stayed in his black and survived the fire passing over. It is not clear how many of the crew heard the orders over the roar of the fire or understood what the foreman was trying to do burning out was neither taught nor common practice at this time.

The crew continued running up the steep slope for the ridge. Two made it to safety in rocks at the top. Only 5 would survive the blow-up.

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No weather was recorded at the fire, but steady SW winds were observed at the time of the jump. Also note the thunder cell that was in the area. Open your IRPG to page 1. Based on the above information coupled with the increase in fire size, use the Risk Management Process and the map below to discuss some of the actions you will take to ensure crew safety:He landed at Mann Gulch and began to scout the fire.

After walking in about half a mile, he could see that the fire had spotted to the north side of the canyon, and was spreading fast. Little did he realize that a chain of events was already taking place that would change many lives.

Mann Gulch is a hiking adventure located in or near Helena, MT. Enjoy & research Helena, Montana with trail guides, topo maps, photos, reviews & GPS routes on vetconnexx.com4/5(2). History: “The Mann Gulch fire was spotted at p.m.

on August 5, , a very hot and windy day. The fire was in the Gates of the Mountains Wild Area (now the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness) just east of the Missouri river, 20 miles north of Helena, MT. Mann Gulch Professional Review and Guide "This is a scenic and historical hike near the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness to the site of a tragic forest fire accident.4/5(2).

Below: This photo was taken from the head of Mann Gulch, looking toward the southwest. The barren slope on the right is where the Mann Gulch Fire ended the lives of the 13 men.

At the bottom of the gulch the Missouri River winds its way through the "Gates of the Mountains Wilderness". Mann Gulch is a beautiful 2-mile long xmile wide V-shaped valley that slopes into Missouri River about 20 miles north of Helena.

The men parachuted into the upper (northeastern) part of the gulch around 4 pm on August 5, and prepared to fight a fire located on the ridge near the opposite end of the gulch.

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