The cobra event analysis

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Viruses are fascinating; the mystery of their complex existence continues to baffle scientists who search for deeper understanding. Viruses have been at the center of a constant debate in the science community, arguing whether they are, in fact, living or not.

The cobra event analysis

The book is divided into six parts. Chapters within the parts develop the story more and more as you read on and some chapters contain real information about the use, development and thoughts about biological weapons.

I will try to summarize the book as best as possible without giving away too much information on what happened in the book just in case you would like to read it yourselves. The Johnston Atoll trials were the large scale testing of biological weapons carried out by the U.

The Johnston Atoll Field Trials let a biological agent out over the sea where ships were stationed with cages of monkeys, the test subjects. The weapon killed all monkeys who had inhaled enough of it. In the U. Although all three countries signed the Convention hoping that other countries would follow the example vast advancements in bioweapons still occurred with no one knowing where or when.

D who is also the protagonist. The Centers for Disease Control is the premier United States federal agency for epidemiology, the study of epidemics of disease, disease control, and disease prevention. One day while at work Austen The cobra event analysis an opportunity from her boss to travel to New York and observe autopsies of two people.

She goes around New York City looking for any possible clues that would link the deaths of the four people together so that it would be easier to find out the maker of the biological weapon.

This book relates to science concepts because even though the book is about weapons it has to do with biological weapons.

Biological weapons can be very dangerous and threatening to the people who make them and to the people who could encounter them. People who work with bioweapons have to take very high standards of precaution.

They must wear protective body gear and be very careful of how they handle it. Just one slip-up could mean the end for someone working with a fatal biological weapon. It is imperative that the people working with the bioweapons keep it a secret, though, even if they have no intention of using them because enforcement groups, people, and countries would take it as a threat to their well being.

The fact that bioweapons can be living is very dangerous because if they were to get inside of your body they would act as a virus. The bioweapon talked about in this quote is one in the book, but the information given about the weapon can be reality if a truly dangerous bioweapon were to be released into the air.

Another science concept in this book was forensics. On pages to the main character Austen looks at boxes which were pieces of forensic evidence that ultimately leads her team members on a trip to East Africa to find out where the boxes were made and who bought them, ultimately leading Austen and her colleagues to the perpetrator they were looking for.

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The scenarios portrayed in the book could possibly happen in the real world. In the introduction of the book Richard Preston wrote that he did tons of research to make the happenings in the book as real as possible, meaning that he talked to enforcement workers, scientists, and many other people to make sure that the way the character do things in the book would be closely similar to how they do those same things in real life.

If this book became reality it would turn our society upside down. In the book the government keeps the information about what was going on a secret from the public, which is something the real government does all the time, but if the situation got out of hand and the people had to be told then I think havoc would take place.

Citizens would start to panic, protests would occur, violence would increase, criminal rates would rise, and people would try to find a way out even if it was too late.

It really opens your eyes to how important it is to pay attention to biological weapons because they can be extremely dangerous as shown in this fictional book.Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Cobra Event Alice Austen is a physician working for the Center of Disease Control(CDC). She is harmlessly asked to follow up on the unusual deaths of innocent and seemingly unconnected individuals in NYC.

Dec 11,  · A summary for the Cobra Event? Can anyone give me a good detailed summary for The Cobra Event by Richard Preston please? 1 following. 2 answers 2. Where can I find a detailed multi page analysis/summary of the cobra event?

The Cobra Event by Richard Preston

Can anyone give me a detailed summary of the cobra event? i read it but i don't how to write it?Status: Resolved. The Cobra Event addressed an area of science that I have given much thought to. Viruses are fascinating; the mystery of their complex existence continues to .

The Cobra Event It was a great book, equally chilling and at the same time believeable. It's the reality that gets you, knowing this could happen in the USA at any time.4/5.

The cobra event analysis

Aug 10,  · The Cobra Event by Richard Preston is a fictional novel taking place in New York City about biological weapons (bioweapons), a living infectious organism used as a weapon or a nonliving toxin derived from a living organism and used as a weapon usually in the form of tiny particles that would be released into the air, forensics, the science of.

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